A Refreshing Environment?

Cris enjoys the sunshine and escapes with the staff the regular workday routine. We took a break from the normal rhythm by taking a city tour of Wiesbaden during a national holiday. Seeing a new side of this stately city, taking over the top floor of a coffee shop, and finishing the day with a family meal together made for a refreshing day for everyone. For one, the day brought staff and volunteers together from many of our projects and ministries. For another, it was fascinating to get to see one of our cities in a new light!


Living, working, and bustling about in your city doesn’t mean that you have seen everything your city has to offer. Coming together as a great big Church in Action family outside of the normal routine refreshes both relationships and motivation!


Church in action


Church in action
We are two brothers, church planters and pastors from Frankfurt who dream of heaven on earth through church planting.