“A growing number of Christians are leaving the institutional Church for a new reason. They are not leaving because they have lost faith. They are leaving the church to preserve their faith.”
While we watch this exodus, many more are still involved with their churches but are frustrated and are contemplating leaving. The problem is…you can’t have Jesus without the Church.

To address this movement, we must consider what God intended for the church. The Church was intended to be the place that fostered the in-breaking of heaven on earth. God’s desire for the Church was that we would participate in the transformation of every aspect of our communities.


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We want to share our lives with people who are not yet part of our community



We want to inspire people to follow Jesus

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We want to help people find their place to grow spiritually



We want to inspire people to follow Jesus


From the very beginning, the vision of Church in Action Germany has been to see Heaven break into our lives, our city, and our world. In 2008, Philip started the work of Church in Action Germany by taking his team to the local soccer stadium where he would cast his compelling vision. His dream was to see many people involved in the project of bringing Heaven on Earth, for them to personally experience life transformation as they worked together for the good of the city and the world.In 2010, Cris began the work with his team in the Berliner Pub in Frankfurt. They immediately created social projects benefiting the homeless in the city as well as financing a well in Ethiopia where the pub owner was from. The goal was to create one church in many locations. Now, after 10 years, the vision and dream remains the same, to see “Heaven on Earth”. As we look forward, we ask ourselves these questions:
  • How can we be good stewards of all that has grown and developed in the last 10 years?
  • Where do we sense that God is leading us personally and as a church?
  • How can we courageously continue to participate in making heaven visible on earth?
  • How can we raise up, train and empower more people to take on responsibility in society and to commit to serving as spiritual leaders?


14 worship services are held in 10 locations across the Rhine-Main region of Germany.


Theatre in Pedagog
Goldene Krone Tavern


Curanum Senior Living Home
The Good Coffee Cafe
Pipeline Youth Center
Naxoshalle Theatre


The Good Coffee Café
St. Paul’s Church


Café Heimathafen


Coming Soon!



As a church, our strategy is very simple: We come together in order to be sent out. We come together in worship services, to then be sent out into the world as Communities on Mission. We have two aspects that make up our core strategic focus: Worship in public spaces and Communities on Mission.

Worship in Public Spaces

We meet in theaters, restaurants, cafés, senior living homes, and other similar locations to sing together, to pray together, and to hear an encouraging and challenging sermon.

Communities on Mission

Communities on Mission are teams in which the spiritual growth of the group is as important as fulfilling the mission of bringing heaven on earth.