Are You a Leader or Are You a Manager?


Do you want to know the differences between a leader and a manager? Just download the PDF file of “The 14 Differences Between a Leader and a Manager”


You can download the PDF here.


Join our leadership masterclass with Philip and come away with constructive ways to improve your organization! The challenges of running a growing organization like #churchinaction are definitely frustrating. What is more aggravating and even more humbling is realizing that you can act as one of the very obstacles. We promised you that you would get to see all of the things behind the scene, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Honestly, here’s one of the ugly parts. Nonetheless, we want to use this difficulty as a growth catalyst, not just for us but for you as well. So, we’ve given you this video and a short test to take back into your church.


Christian leadership is a popular topic for good reason. What we don’t so often here about is Christian management. Both roles are vital for the health of an organization. But what are the differences between the two groups of people? And what makes them so important? Take a critical look at the example we give and go back to your own situation. Or even consider how you could become part of our solution.


Church in action


Church in action
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