Fetch the Water?

Cris displays another one of us passions as he directs us through a Crossways Sunday focused on leadership!













How Do You Dip-Dip?

Laura’s in charge as she reports on the trip she and her team took to Beirut, Lebanon as part of our summer mission trips!




























Get to Know Johanna in 60 Seconds

Because our staff is at the heart of our organization, we're giving you a chance to get to know the leader of the Bridges, our project that connects German musicians with refugee musicians!







Parties in Heaven?

It's Philip's turn to guide us through a Sunday in our Church in Action style with a message that requires the largest party possible!

















Who Do You Want to Fire?

The role of a leader is to ensure that the right people are in the right seats on the bus and to remove the wrong people from the journey all together....







Santa Claus Takes the Subway?

One of our city pastors, Anemone, teams up with “Santa Claus” and a team of elves to give out presents to people on the streets of Frankfurt, though this jolly old St. Nicholas is special...















Why Do Castles Always Mean Stairs?

So many stairs during our staff and volunteer retreat to a castle along the Rhein. Just one way we express our gratitude for a team that is always willing to sacrifice and go all in...




Can a Laptop Be a Worship Team?

Tag along with Philip on his way to the office to catch a glimpse of what #churchinaction sees our part of bringing heaven to Earth by equipping new refugee believers...




Are Women Allowed to Preach?

Follow Cris through a special coffee-powered day and see how #churchinaction does our services in coffee-shops and a rooftop bar. You will hear and see refugees who have just...



Church in Action Trailer

With Philip as our trusty guide, you’ll join the team behind #churchinaction on a excursion to a fairytale-like castle along the Rhein river. It’s the courage and the commitment of our ever-growing team that shows that God