Called to Ridiculous Things?

Philip’s got a throwback set to the service where we sent our ten short term mission trip teams for all of the stories you’ve seen so far! It’s a moving event to witness more than 100 people being sent off for some absolutely unbelievable experiences around the world. The energy of the day fits well with everything that our teams experienced. Truthfully, the idea of sending out teams to work alongside our ministry partners first seemed ridiculous in many ways. What started with one team grew to five, then to eight, and now to ten and whatever is yet to come!


The willingness to undertake ideas that seem absolutely ridiculous for the sake of God’s kingdom is something powerful. What ridiculous things are you being called to pursue that would seem impossible with God’s handiwork?


Church in action


Church in action
We are two brothers, church planters and pastors from Frankfurt who dream of heaven on earth through church planting.