Change Through Evolution or Revolution?

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The leadership decision behind this video will lead you into a surprising direction as a leader. Christianity is thought of as a movement started by bunch of young radicals, motivated by an upside down vision of #heavenonearth. But as time has gone on, the Church has become so heavily associated with ritual and tradition. Just as Christ was and is an agent for positive change, we as Christians can and should always strive to impact the world around us. But what sort of change should be aim for as leaders? How does God generally work to shape this world into the one He desires it to be? As we read Scripture we see a pattern of long periods of apparent inactivity but in reality, these are periods where evolution takes place. God’s ways require commitment for the long haul, particularly as a leader.


Use the worksheet connected to this video and our other leadership choices videos to your advantage! None of these decisions will happen overnight and slowing down to process through the questions will add to your own evolution as a leader for God step by step. We at #churchinaction want to be alongside you in the process!


Church in action


Church in action
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