Do You Want to Help People or Make Them Happy?


You can download the worksheet here!


We start off this class session with Philip by laying a foundation for the decision-making process for leaders. The core of ministry is a desire to help and serve others when you’re working toward #heavenonearth. Time and time again though, these important decisions are greeted with grumbling or objection. No one seems happy with the decisions you choose to make. What are you supposed to do as a leader then? The foundation of leadership choices that we present will help to simplify and guide the rest of the decision-making process.


Our biggest hope at #churchinaction with these videos is to help you in your own situation or organization. We are all on this journey together and these challenging decisions are that much easier when you’re not alone. Take the extra time to work through the worksheet we’ve provided, you won’t regret it!



Church in action


Church in action
We are two brothers, church planters and pastors from Frankfurt who dream of heaven on earth through church planting.