How Do You Dip-Dip?

Laura’s in charge as she reports on the trip she and her team took to Beirut, Lebanon as part of our summer mission trips! Their purpose was to support the Nazarene Evangelical School by running a kids’ camp for Lebanese and displaced Syrian children. Our team gave their hearts to the children there through the arts and crafts, competitive games, dancing (like the dip-dip), and time they shared. Another part of the trip was spent visiting families in the refugee camps along the border. These visits and a distinctly different culture gave the team a lot to process during and following the trip.


The temptation to pass judgment on without reflection is an easy thing in the comfort of our familiar culture and surroundings. But using the opportunity of encountering a different culture to learn more about ourselves, others, and God internalizes the heaven we want to create.


Church in action


Church in action
We are two brothers, church planters and pastors from Frankfurt who dream of heaven on earth through church planting.