Play Now, Pay Later or Pay Now, Play Later?


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We’ve got another valuable leadership lesson from Philip for the decisions that leaders are charged to make for their responsibilities. God’s plan to bring #heaventoearth is so exciting that it is so easy to be carried away by the prospect of working toward something so amazing. Though, working toward anything worthwhile takes dedication, hard work, and time. But how is it possible to overcome the all too frequent temptation to take the easy way out? What can we do when the world says that success comes overnight? This leadership decision will help to guard against the dangers of taking the easy way out.

Perhaps one of the biggest encouragements when looking at this leadership choice is that Jesus battled the exact same temptation and came out victorious. Again, we’ve sincerely pray that you and your organization benefit from our experiences at #churchinaction. To bring the importance of this leadership decision home, we’ve provided another handy worksheet so that you can mold this principle to your own situation.


Church in action


Church in action
We are two brothers, church planters and pastors from Frankfurt who dream of heaven on earth through church planting.