Significance or Success?


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Although we’ve reached the end of our leadership choices series with this video, don’t expect us here at #churchinaction to end with anything other than a bang! Philip pushes past the cliched surface of leading for significance rather than success. The mentoring relationship that Paul has with Timothy is the first example to come to mind. Paul’s words in 2 Timothy 2:2 removes the notion that his training of Timothy could just be a special case. An integral part of the life of a Christian and of #heavenonearth is devoting yourself to the betterment of those around you. This includes transmitting your leadership abilities to younger or less experienced leaders.


In order to bring this choice of leading for significance into reality, you have to keep your eyes open! Who are the people in your life or organization that you could pour yourself into just as Paul did for Timothy? Where could you look to turn your ministry into a legacy? As always, we at #churchinaction want to join you in the journey and have included a worksheet to do just that.


Church in action


Church in action
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