What Is Success in Ministry?


Download the worksheet that comes with this video to guide you along the way!


The leadership decision addressed in this video is one that lays at the core of leadership as a Christian. Learning to let go and give everything to God is one of the biggest part of the journey that we are all on together moving toward #heavenonearth. There’s one specific outcome that comes from surrendering our will so that we can truly pray the familiar refrain for the Lord to accomplish His will. What is this important area that will be impacted in a revolutionary way by surrendering your desires to follow God’s heart? Our vision of success fundamentally changes in that we can see that success in God’s perspective is measured by our obedience to Him rather than allowing ourselves to be pressured by the world’s idea of success.  


The worksheets attached to these videos can become important tools in your leadership resource kit. By taking the time to honestly work through the questions or the prayer in this case, you can provide God the room to make the impact last in your specific situation or organization! We at #churchinaction hope that you can make the most of these resources.


Church in action


Church in action
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