Yes, a better world is possible.

Dear potential donor,

We hope you had a chance to watch the video where we tell our story.


Because you will hear that God is still in the business of changing lives.

Because we did not grow up in the church, God had to meet us.
And He did.

(Cris) God met me while I was listening to a Billy Graham sermon and I knelt down next to an apple tree and invited Jesus into my life.

(Philip) And God met me in an old English theater at a youth camp.

Both of these experiences changed our lives.

And that is why we believe.

We believe that God still wants to meet people in Germany. (Even though less than 1% of the German population consists of Bible-believing Christians, God is not done with our country.)

That is why we planted Church in Action a few years ago and wow God is up to something.

We are currently in 26 ministry locations in four different cities. Among those locations are coffee shops, movie theaters, homeless shelters, elderly homes, bars, refugee homes and brothels.

If you want an in-depth report of all the things we wereinvolved in last year, just download our PDF "Church in Action in Numbers"

But now we need your help.

In the next several months, we want to focus on the following three goals but we know that we cannot accomplish them alone.

First, we want to lay a good foundation for a church planting movement in Germany and all over Europe.

Germany and Europe need new churches and we want to be a resource for new church planters.

Secondly, we want to establish a training school where people are trained to become missionaries in their own culture.

We are setting up different programs for people to join our team to learn and experience what ministry looks like in an urban setting.

We want to raise up a new generation of new leaders.

And thirdly, we want to be more effective in serving and discipling refugees.

We are experiencing one of the biggest crises of our time. But this is a window of opportunity  for the Church (and we don’t know how long it will last) where refugees are opening their hearts in ways we have never seen before.

Just over the last months we have seen hundreds of former Muslims convert to Christianity.

That is why we need your help.

We are inviting you to prayerfully consider becoming one of our partners by contributing a monthly donation of maybe $20, $50, $150 or more.

Every dollar makes a real impact and difference.

And of course, all donations are tax-exempt.

So we pray that you will partner with us because God is up to something.

And it is so exciting.

It is a real adventure.

Cris & Philip Zimmermann

P.S. Thank you for your donation. It means the world to us.

Become a Partner

Every partner will receive:

  • Behind the scenes videos that show how your investment is making a difference. We want to take you with us on the journey.
  • Once a month, you also receive our update letter with exciting stories, videos and prayer requests.
  • For everyone who starts to support us on a monthly basis, we will send you our missional cross as a very special thank you.

To reach our goals, we are looking for 100 monthly partners that are divided up into these five categories:

What they advertise is really happening here! Church in Action is going out and meeting people where they are. And that really is the church today. So if you wanna be on the small end of something big, when you make your donation, just consider doubling!