Pipeline is a youth center that offers a second home for teens and young adults in Frankfurt. We create a welcoming environment with homemade dinner, music, games, and more. We also help create structure they can rely upon and have a daily routine with adult hosts who provide mentorship, care, and relationship.


Pipeline staff and volunteers commit to building relationships with and supporting the youth that come to the center. We make sure those from every background, culture, worldview, sexual orientation, etc., feel welcome, seen, and loved. Mentors are available to help the young adults with large and small problems. They also help with homework and keep the youth accountable.

Trips and Projects

"While our daily schedule creates a routine for our youth, we like to make sure we get out and have fun together. Offsite events include theme park visits, laser tag, 80´s parties, or charity events. We´ve launched a book club and are adding more interactive, educational, and fun events to our calendar."
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Mischa Jung
Project Leader