“It’s amazing what happens when we, with faithful presence, love a place and get to know the people there. When we simply show up.”

Berliner Bar

“When I was a pastor, I was frustrated as I stood at the door of my church, waiting for people to come to us. I wanted to join the mission field in my own city, and this is how we started our ministry.”

Schule in Aktion (School in Action)

“School in Action futhers compassion, because people who are capable of compassion can balance a good middle ground between reason and emotion and become active helpers for others.”

Bridges - Intercultural Music Project

“The universal language of music and the power of it unites people from 12 different countries. Many refugees who fled from home found a new home in this intercultural project.”

The Good Coffee

“The environment of a coffeeshop offers a unique setting for discipleship. Especially for people in an urban context third places play an important role in the spiritual journey of individuals.”

Housing for Refugees

“By providing housing for refugees we can give them a safe and beautiful place to live in where new relationships and friendships can grow over time.”

Creating new ways to serve

COVID-19 has forced us to think differently about how we serve the women in the red-light district of Frankfurt. We have transitioned from primarily focusing on building friendships and discipling to ensuring the women’s most basic needs are met.  The closure of Brothels in Frankfurt left these women without income, and many lost their housing as well. While some made it back to their home countries, many women are trapped in Germany, homeless, and trying to make a living by selling their bodies on the street.