Refugees in GermanY

“Germany is the only western industrialized nation in the top 10 refugee host countries across the world.”

With more than 1 Million refugees and asylum seekers within her borders, only four other countries have more refugees: Turkey, Pakistan, Uganda, and Sudan. While the Refugee population in Germany is not currently growing, there are many individuals and families across the country in need of housing, social resources, connection, and integration assistance.


Kirche in Aktion owns an apartment building that is a registered refugee accommodation

This building can house up to 60 families and provides a safe place for them to land as they work to assimilate into German society. Our hosts work with social workers and government programs to help residents access the resources available to them, including food programs, work placement, and classes to learn German.

Relationships and Communities On Mission

We believe in a relational church that lives life alongside our neighbors. There are refugee accommodations across Germany that are similar to the apartments we offer, and Communities on Mission and church members build relationships with these neighbors.


The SpielMobil is one way we build trust in the refugee accommodations and have fun while creating friendships.

This is a van full of games, bikes, soccer balls, and more.

“We play with the kids and their parents and we share in joy and light-hearted times together“

“We are all very grateful for witnessing how great God is and how he led together two couples from totally different cultural backgrounds, and we are blessed to continue to journey with them.”
Robert Stößer
project leader


The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for our friends living in refugee housing. Social workers and government programs they have grown to rely on have not been available through the shut down. Most do not have internet or are no longer able to afford if after being sent home from their jobs, and the refugee housing has strict visitation regulations. Our friends in these homes are more lonely and isolated from the world than most of us have experienced while in quarantine.

Kirche in Aktion repurposed the SpielMobil during the pandemic and now uses the van to deliver food to vulnerable populations, including our friends in refugee housing. We are also working to provide free WiFi to all residents in the apartment building we own.