The explosion in Beirut severely damaged our partner school.

“There is already much happening around the world to support Lebanon with aid. We want to do our part. As many of you know, we have been longtime partners with a school that is operated by a local church in the city of Beirut. They, like everyone in the city, are being deeply impacted by the recent events. We want to help the many children and their families.”
 - Daniel Atkins | leader of mission trip

Kirche in Aktion has been partnering with a school only 3.6 miles away from the explosion in Beirut for the last 10 years. Every summer, we visit the school and support their staff through their annual summer camp. All summer mission trips were cancelled this year, but the school needs our support now more than ever.Like many buildings in the area, the school was damaged in the blast. They rely on their building to provide services to their community, and need our help to replace doors and windows, repair the roof, and return the school to a functional state. This school has been caring for the students in this community since 1958 and nurtures the children no matter their background, beliefs, or circumstances.

Please be in prayer for our friends in Beirut. All gifts given through the Explosion Relief Fund will go directly to our partners and their efforts to restore the life of their community.

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